• Perhaps you’d like to take that one memorable vacation before the kids get too old to enjoy it
  • Or, you’re in the process of moving across the country, so why not make the trip something special?
  • Maybe you want to try out a particular model before you commit to buying an RV — because renting an RV for a short period of time makes more sense than making the considerable investment required to buy one.
If you’re traveling a long distance across the country (especially a one-way trip) it’s best to go with a nationwide chain that has multiple outlets.There are a number of companies to choose from, but Cruise America is the largest with RV rental locations spread across the country. According to their website, a standard sized Class C recreational vehicle can be rented from their St. Paul location for 10 days and 1,000 miles for around $1,000.One benefit of going with a nationwide service is you can also rent one-way and drop the RV off at your destination.

Private Owners & Smaller Companies Renting RVs

One popular RV rental service is 1 RV Rentals. Here, individuals from all over the U.S. post their own ads for RVs that they own and would like to rent out. You can search for RV rental listings in each state.Private Motorhome RV Rentals is a nationwide organization that rents out privately owned Class A, B, and C motor homes for between 4 and 14 nights. They have listings all over the country, and offer one-way RV rentals to cities with major airports as well.Be careful when you’re dealing with private owners. Make sure your liability is thoroughly covered. You don’t want to spend time in court.

Little-Known Facts About Renting RVs

Chances are, you’ve still got questions about things like: whether you can travel with pets in a rented RV, whether you can tow a trailer or not, how to get rental insurance, the size of recreational vehicles available for rent, and what others who’ve rented from these companies think about their experiences.